Project criteria

All applications will be reviewed and assessed before accepting their participation in the contest, in order to ensure that they meet all the criteria needed:

  • Microsoft’s AI technologies and resources are being /or will be used for the completion of the project

  • The project is a formalized idea and a working prototype: Meaning that there is already a team working on it, a clear vision of what it is trying to achieve and the basic idea of its business model.

  • The project will be aiming to help people with disabilities in one of these three categories in the retail industry: employment, daily life/use of services or communication.

  • Project must be suitable to be used within the retail industry.

Do you have any questions regarding the event, the eligibility, the criteria or do you need to consult your project? Give us a call (+420 704 389 035) or write us an e-mail.


Team criteria

Teams that include a person with disability of the kind that their solution is trying to help out with (i.e. a project helping visually impaired people will have a visually impaired member in the team) or the teams that closely cooperate with an NGO specialized in the given domain (i.e. association for the visually impaired) they will have a better chance to be accepted.

*If you are a start-up or an university team that is not currently working with an NGO, keep in mind that TechSoup Czech Republic or TechSoup partners in other countries can help you to pair up with NGOs of your choice in the given domains.



The deadline for applying is February 29, 2020. We will assess all applications and let you know whether your project has been accepted within 10 business days and no later than March 3. If, for any reason, your project is accepted but you are not able to participate, it is necessary that you notify the organizers. The number of projects we can accept is limited and your timely withdrawal can give the opportunity to another project to take your place instead.

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What is included with the registration?

Registration includes participation in the program, the chance to consult with Microsoft experts, all-day meals and refreshments, T-shirts and other gifts.

*Travel and/or accommodation costs cannot be reimbursed.


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