Cash Reader, Czechia

A Czech money reading mobile app for blind & visually impaired people. Visually impaired people often struggle to recognize their banknotes, they need help of their relatives before they go shopping or they have to use impractical tools. When they travel, the situation is even more difficult for them. Cash Reader uses the power [...]



A project that is developing tools for people with multiple sclerosis. Many of them are no longer able to control their hands, are not used to operate a computer, and are often afraid of it. The project is helping clients to learn about scheduled therapies thanks to Microsoft Azure Face ID and its aim is [...]


Extramilers, Greece

A travel service for people with various physical disabilities. ​The project aims to promote accessible tourism. The first project functionality is the registration mechanism that allows users/people with disabilities to complete their profile and their requirements. Upon login the users will be matched with locations and venues that apply to their needs. Additionally, in the [...]


JOB#1​, Czechia

A service from start-up DataSentics that is helping people with various disabilities to find employment. JOB#1 solution is a job board and company carrier page with usage of AI, NLP and machine learning. Key focus is to improve job seekers possibility to find job opportunities and companies to bring more candidates. There is also possibility to automatically analyse CVs of disabled candidates - which job they have been working [...]


NEWTON Technologies, Czechia

NEWTON Technologies wants to make video/audio content accessible to deaf people. The app is involved in Automatic Speech Recognition not only in the Czech language, but also in other Slavic languages. The aim of the project is to create a functional prototype of an online application in which audio/video content can be subtitled; from a [...]


No F-ears, Czechia

An app for conversations between the deaf and hearing individuals. It’s a tool facilitating a real-time conversation, simultaneously translating written text into spoken words and vice versa in English (they are planning a German and Spanish version as well). The team wants to integrate "Microsoft Translator" into their solution to ensure the 100% function of text-to-speech-to-text feature. Currently, they are using voice recognition program that is available on the [...]


Shelf Inspector, Czechia

An app by start-up DataSenctics that is helping people with visual impairments to check products and prices in shops. The tool navigates blind people to take an appropriate photo and then read the product and its price. The information is given in spoken form. The project is using python AI libraries (tensorflow, keras, pytorch, fastAI), [...]


Silou hlasu, Czechia

Voice control of the computer for people with physical disability. ​People who have impaired fine motor skills of the upper limbs can control the computer by voice and with this solution they can manage daily activities without the help of another person. At the moment, the team is using the voice programs MyVoice and MyDictate, [...]


Slidet, Slovakia

An electronic device that translates any book or text file into Brail. The gadget will allow the people with vision conditions to read, work and also to simplify the process of computer using. At the moment, the team is using Arduino to work with the device's mechanism. In the future they are planning to use Swift, Java for applications on a phone and Microsoft AI [...]


SONS Indoor Navigation, Czechia

Solution that helps visually impaired people to navigate in the shopping centres. The team wants to use a mobile application based on location of sensors that will guide the blind through space. Based on the current location of the visually impaired person and the location of sensors in space, the application will offer directions for [...]


Tactile images, Romania

App helping people with visual impairment „see“ pictures. It’s a software assistance in creating, exploring and describing tactile images that could be used during learning but also in retail. The platform allows the creation of personalized materials very easily, and the mobile app makes individual usage possible. At the moment, the team is using Microsoft [...]