20. 4. 14:00 Introduction webinar

23. 4.–3. 5. Education webinars: Technology, marketing, MS Accessibility, start-up management

Exact date to be announced

4. 5.–7. 5. Online Panel DiscussionNGOs, Retail Industry (online and offline), MS Accessibility team

Exact date to be announced

A discussion about questions concerning the survey about obstacles faced by people with disabilities and results of a special surveyconducted by VIA Association. The target of discussion is to find out the obstacles which are necessary to solve and how can technology help with them, possibly to identify the technology gap in this field.

7. 5.– 31. 5. Webinar: Case study: Accesible MS Teams

Exact date to be announced

7. 5.– 15. 6. Individual team consultation with Microsoft expert

10. 6. Webinar: Presentation skills

15. 6.– 18. 6. Big Award Presentations Battle

Each team will have 3 minutes to pitch their solution, then jury and audience will have 2 minutes for Q&A. The pitch should include these topics:

  • What problem does your solution helps tackle
  • Addressable market and impact
  • What they have learned/developed during AI Hackathon webinars and consultations

The program may be subject to change. Names of the guests for panel discussion and webinars will be announced later.