Project Description

A service from start-up DataSentics that is helping people with various disabilities to find employment. JOB#1 solution is a job board and company carrier page with usage of AI, NLP and machine learning. Key focus is to improve job seekers possibility to find job opportunities and companies to bring more candidates. There is also possibility to automatically analyse CVs of disabled candidates – which job they have been working on and actively offer companies these candidates to the job they advert. This would increase the chances for the candidate and at the same time alert companies about possibility to employ disabled candidates to the specific job. At the moment, there is a prototype of the project, the team is constantly improving its accuracy and deep semantic relevance. During the hackathon they will be focusing on job placements related to Retail industry. DataSentics is looking forward to present their project to other people interested in that area during the hackathon and bring it closer to the deployment.