10,000 EUR for the winning teams

Every participating project has a chance to win 10,000 EUR to to finish their project and deploy it to the public.

The prize will be given in two categories, both awarded by 10,000 EUR:

  • Daily Use – Prize for the project that will influence the most users. The criteria for this will include:

    • Good user experience,
    • number of influenced users,
    • frequency of use and
    • impact on daily life.
  • New Ways – Prize for the most innovative solution. The criteria for this will include:

    • Uniqueness of the project and
    • advanced use of Artificial Inteligence.

The common criteria for both categories include: project readiness; impact on target group; progress during the event; use of AI tools and project sustainability.

* The winners will be selected by a specific jury. The jury members will involve representatives from Microsoft, Sdružení VIA and other experts of the field.

Prize Rafael of Vodafone Foundation and additional 200 000 CZK (7 900 Euro) for the best team

Two winning projects will be presented at a conference about technologies for people with specific needs – INSPO, which will take a place on October 12 in Prague Congress Centrum.

Vodafone foundation, the general partner of INSPO 2020, will choose one from the two projects, that will be gifted prize Rafael in the sum of 200 000 CZK (7 900 Euro).


Contest Rules

Every participating project will be considered for both categories automatically. In case there is not a suitable project for one of the categories we will waive that category and award the prize to the second best in the other category, in any case two prizes will be awarded.

Project members have a right to withdraw from the contest or one of the categories. To do so, please announce your intent to withdraw to the organizers by e-mail to info@aihackathon.org before the event.

Every project participating in the event will have an opportunity to present their project and what they managed to solve during the hackathon in front of the jury. The presentation will be in 3+2 minutes format – three minutes for presentation and two minutes for questions from jury and audience. Jury may request additional consultations from the project members after the presentation.

The winners will be announced in June at the end of the hackathon event. Exact date TBA.

The winners will receive the cash prize within 30 days after the event in the form of grant on a designated bank account. The grant will be awarded by Sdružení VIA, z.ú. The grant money will be tied to use for finishing the project and/or deployment to public. Sdružení VIA, z. ú. has a right to ask the grantee to prove the grant money was spend in accordance with the grant rules.

The winner has a right to refuse the grant. In such case the grant will be awarded to the next best project in a given category.